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LT 210

Thin Client


  • Fast 1 GHz Processing

  • Reliable

  • Cost-Effective

  • Versatile

Should your company use Thin Clients?

Thin Clients are ideal for healthcare, industrial, retail, financial, and educational industries.
Click Here to read about the benefits of Thin Client Computing.

  1. Kensington Lock
    Allows you to connect a special computer lock to secure your system.
  2. Audio Line Out Headset Jack
    You can plug an external speaker, headphone, or connect the line out jack to an audio device.
  3. External Microphone Jack
    Allows you to reeceive monophonic input from an external microphone.
  4. The LAN Port
    Connect to a high-speed 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Network.
  5. USB Ports
    The LT210 thin client includes four Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports.
  6. External CRT Port
    Connect to any external monitor
  7. Parallel Port
    This port allows you to easily connect a parallel printer or plotter using this 25-pin bi-directional femal port.
  8. Serial Port
    This port is used to connect RS-232 serial devices to the Notebook. Three types of serial devices are external mice, serial printers, and fax/modems.
  9. External Keyboard Connector
  10. Mouse Connector
  11. Power Supply Connector

LT210 LT210 Back

Linux Technology Thin Client

LT210 Spec Sheet

Mainboard Specification:
  • Type: VIA C3/Eden Processor
  • Host Bus Speed: 133 MHz CPU Front Side Bus (FSB)
  • Packing: EBGA

  • VIA CLE266CE: VT8623CE North Bridge and VT8235CD South Bridge.
  • ITE LPC I/O Chip: IT8705F/GX
  • AC'97 CODEC:ALC655
  • LAN: RT8100C

  • DRAM Type: 2.5V DDR Configurations
  • Socket type: 1 piece 2.5V 184 pins DDR DIMM Sockets
  • DRAM size: 64MB/128MB/256MB/512MB/1GB
  • Maximum Memory Size: 1 DDR DIMM up to 1 GB

  • VT8235 integrated 256 bytes CMOS RAM
  • With CMOS SRAM hardware clear jumper
  • Supports two "Ultra DMA-33/66/100/133" EIDE channels.
  • Supports IrDA 1.0/ASKIR protocols.
  • Supports six USB 2.0 ports (two connectors in front & four in rear)
  • Supports one Bi-direction SPP/EPP/ECP Parallel Port

  • On-board switching power controller - supports CPU core voltage 1.050V ~ 1.825V

Chipset Feature:
  • Defines Integrated Solutions for value computer Mobile Designs
    • High Performance North Bridge: Integrated Apollo Pro266T & Graphics accelerator in a single chip.
    • 64-bit Advanced Memory controller supporting PC2100/PC1600 DDR and PC100/PC133 SDR SDRAM
    • Combines with VIA VT8233A V-Link South Bridge for Integrated Audio, ATA133 IDE, and 4 USB ports
  • High Performance CPU Interface
    • Support for Socket-370 VIA C3 processors.
    • 133/100/66 MHz CPU Front Side Bus (FSB)
  • High Resolution CRT RGB Interface
    • 250MHz RAMDAC on chip with Gamma Correction
    • Horizontal/Vertical Sync outputs compliant with Monitor Power Management Protocols
    • I2C Serial Bus for DDC Monitor Communications
  • Integrated Graphics/Video Accelerator
    • Optimized Shared Memory Architecture (SMA)
    • 16/32/64 MB frame buffer using system memory
    • Internal AGP 4x performance
  • Video Support
  • Up to three video windows for video conferencing applications
  • High quality scaler (up or down) for both horizontal and vertical scaling (linear interpolation for horizontal and vertical up-scaling and filtering for horizontal and vertical down-scaling)
  • Color Space conversion
  • Color Enhancement (contrast, hue, saturation, brightness, and gamma correction)
  • Color and Chroma key support
  • Video capture inputs (one or two 8-bit ports or one 16-bit port)with built-in phase adjuster to fine tune the clock/data signal timing
  • PAL/NTSC TV output capability using external TV encoder
  • Supports CCIR601 standard
  • MPEG-2/1 Video Decoder
  • Drivers for major operating systems and APIs: (Windows 9X, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Direct3D, DirectDraw and DirectShow, OpenGL ICD for Windows 9X, and 2000, and XP)
  • High Bandwidth 266MB/S 8-bit V-Link Host Controller
    • Supports 66MHz V-Link Host interface with peak bandwidth of 266MB/S
    • Operates at 2X or 4X modes
  • Advanced System Power Management Support
    • Power down of SDRAM (CKE)
    • Independent clock stop controls for CPU/SDRAM and on-chip AGP bus
    • Suspend power plane for preservation of memory data

  • Inter-operable with VIA Host-to-V-Link Host Controller
    • Combine with VT8754 (Apollo P4X333) for a complete 533/400 MHz FSB Pentium 4 system
    • Combine with VT8377 (Apollo KX400) for a complete 266/200 MHz FSB Athlon Socket-A system
    • May be used interchangeably with the VT8235 South Bridge in most board designs
  • High Bandwidth 266 MB/S 8-bit V-Link Client Controller
    • Supports 66 MHz V-Link Client interface with peak bandwidth of 266 MB/S
    • V-Link operates in 2X or 4X modes
  • Integrated Peripheral Controllers
    • Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller with 1/10/100 Mbit capability.
    • Integrated USB 2.0 Controller with three root hubs and six function ports
    • Dual channel UltraDMA-33/66/100/133 master mode EIDE controller
    • C-link interface for AC-97 audio codec and modem codec
  • Integrated Legacy Functions
    • Integrated Keyboard Controller with PS2 mouse support
    • Integrated DS12885-style Real Time Clock with extended 256 bytes CMOS RAM and Day/Month Alarm for ACPI
  • Direct Sound Ready AC97 Digital Audio Controller
    • AC-Link access to 4 CODECs
    • Multi-channel Audio
    • Bus Master Scatter/Gather DMA
    • Dedicated read and write channels supporting simultaneous stereo playback and record.
    • Dedicated read and write channels supporting simultaneous modem receive and transmit.
    • 1 stereo DirectSound channel with source/volume control/mixer
    • 1 shared FM/SPDIF PCM read channel
    • 1 dedicated channel supporting multi-channel audio
    • 32-byte line-buffers for each SGD channel
    • Programmable 8-bit/16-bit mono/stereo PCM data formate support
  • Universal Serial Bus Controller
    • USB v2.0 and Universal Host Controller Interface (UHCI) v2.0 Compatible
    • USB v1.1 and Universal Host Controller Interface (UHCI) v1.1 Compatible
  • Plug and Play Controller
    • PCI interrupts steerable to any interrupt channel
    • Steerable interrupts for integrated peripheral controllers: USB, floppy, serial, parallel, and audio
    • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98 and plug and play BIOS compliant
    • 0.35um, 3.3V, low power CMOS process; single chip 35x35mm, 487 pin BGA

AC'97 Audio Codec: ALC655
  • Compliant with AC'97 2.3 specification
  • 18-bit stereo full-duplex CODEC with independent and variable sampling rate
  • 4 stereo, 2 mono analong line-level inputs
  • Low Power Consumption management
  • 3D stereo expansion for simulated surround
  • S/PDIF compressed digital or LPCM audio out
  • 3.3V digital, 5V analog power supply
  • Standard 48-pin LQFP Package

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