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What are the benefits of Thin Client Computing?

Definition: What is a thin Client?

  • Computing Device
  • Connects over a network to a server and functions as an access device

Enhanced Security

Thin Clients have no hard drive, therefore applications and data are stored on the server which protects data from viruses and malware. Since Thin Clients serve solely as an accessing device, important data cannot be lost if the device is stolen or damaged. Only keystrokes, mouse events, and screen images are sent between the client and the server, making thin clients much more secure than a standard desktop or notebook computer. They're ideal for businesses facing increased regulatory compliance laws such as HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley.

Straightforward Manageability

Your Thin Client can be set up in 10 Minutes!

Thin Client hardware connects to the server through web browsers or remote desktop software, and with all applications stored and managed on the server, thin clients simply access the server's platform. Software application updates, virus scanning, and patches can be performed on the server, and management at the server means that thin clients have fewer points of failure as well as increased security. Depending on users' needs, the client desktops can be set up with a minimal single-application kiosk or a familiar and adaptable windows environment.

Energy Efficient

Thin Clients have no fans or other moving parts. The external power supply uses significantly less energy than standard computers. These factors give Thin Clients a considerably longer life span than PCs.

Cost Effective

Not only do Thin Clients cost less than the average personal computer, they have an extended product life of up to five years. Ideal for cramped or dusty environments, they can be mounted behind monitors or hidden beneath desks. In the case of failure, theft, or damage, essential data and applications will not be lost. According to a study by Gartner (TCO Comparison of PCs with Server-Based Computing, June 2006) thin client TCO annuals savings were measured as high as:

  • 79% less downtime cost per user
  • 16% capital cost savings
  • 34% less in maintenance
  • 19% less to operate
  • 48% overall lower cost



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