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JETSTAR's refurbished equipment is stringently tested for quality assurance. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Every refurbished terminal carries JETSTAR's standard one year warranty.

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We can help. For more information on the ADDS 160 or any of our other great Boundless Technologies products, call a JETSTAR sales rep at 1-888-677-1030.

ADDS 4000/260
General Purpose Terminal

Ships in 3 to 10 days
depending on stock availability.

Please call 1-888-677-1030
to order your ADDS 4000/260 today!

Mfg Part #
2226-5106-7100 Green Screen
2226-5206-7100 Amber Screen
2226-5306-7100 White Screen

Refurbished ADDS 260

with PC 104 Style Keyboard

No longer manufactured.
Refurbished units available.
Have your terminal repaired for only $140.

Features & Specifications »
ADDS 4000/260 General Purpose Terminal

DISPLAY FEATURES for ADDS 4000/260 Terminals
• 26, 30, 44 or 52 lines with top and/or bottom status lines
• 80 or 132 columns
• Two pages of display, full or split-screen viewing
• 10 pages of memory
• Variable-speed smooth scroll
• Double-high, double-wide and double-high/wide characters
• Selectable screen saver
• Programmable tab stops
• 14" flat-face, reduced-glare, high-resolution screen (11.1" active area +/-0.1")
• Bezel-to-bezel overscan display (up to 82Hz)
• 60, 71, 82, and 100Hz selectable refresh rates for clear, flicker-free viewing
• Choice of green, amber or page-white phosphor
• Variable-speed smooth scroll
• Conveniently located contrast, brightness and power controls
• Fully adjustable tilt and swivel
• ISO 9241.3-compliant mode
• SCO, UNIX V.4, XENIX, PICK, DOS and many other operating systems
• Most PC extender products
DUAL-HOST SUPPORT (4000/260 only)
• Simultaneous connection and operation with two hosts
• Flexible display formats: 26-line alternating or 44-line split-screen
• "Hot key" to alternate between hosts
• Printer port support for both hosts
ADDITIONAL FEATURES of ADDS 4000/260 Terminals
• IBM® PC character set includes standard ASCII, line drawing, national symbols and special graphics symbols
• Desk accessories-calculator, calendar, clock and ASCII chart
ADDS 4000/260 KEYBOARDS by Boundless Technologies
• PC 101 (U.S. English) or PC102 (International)
• PC+106 (U.S. English) or PC+107 (International)
• ANSI (VT-220)
• Programmable function keys:
• 12/24 PFKs for PC 101/102
• 16/32 PFKs for PC 106/107
• 20/40 PFKs for ANSI (VT-220 style)

• International language and keyboard support: Danish, French, Belgian/Flemish, Dutch, Finnish, French Canadian, German, Italian, Latin American, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss/French, Swiss/German, Turkish, U.K. English, U.S. English

4000/260 also supports: Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Serbian/Latin, Slovenian, Croatian, Bosnian, Greek, Hebrew

COMMUNICATIONS - ADDS 4000/260 Terminals
• Full/half duplex, local, block and monitor modes of operation
• Serial host port (SES1-EIA)
• RS-232C, host
• DTE, DB-25 female
• Up to 134.4K baud
• Serial auxiliary port (SES2-AUX) 4000/160
• RS-232 bi-directional serial port
• DCE, DB-25 female
• Up to 38.4K baud
• Serial auxiliary port (SES2-AUX) 4000/260
• RS-232C second host/serial port
• DCE, DB-25 female
• Up to 38.4K baud
ADDS 4000/260 Terminal OPTIONS
• RS-422, Current loop
• Ethernet (TCP/IP) Interface Adapter-10BaseT
• Operating environment
• Temperature: 32° to 104°F (10° to 40°C)
• Altitude: 0 to 10,000 ft (0 to 3,048 m)
• Humidity: 30 to 80% RH, non-condensing
• Storage environment
• Temperature: 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)
• Humidity: 10 to 95% RH, non-condensing
POWER REQUIREMENTS of ADDS 4000/260 Terminals
• Voltage: autosensing, wide input, 90/264 VAC
• Frequency: 47/63Hz
• Current: 0.5/0.2 amps
• EPA ENERGY STAR® "Sleep Mode"
• Display Unit
• Length: 13.0" 33.0 cm
• Width: 12.5" 31.8 cm
• Height: 13.4" 34.0 cm>
• Shipping wt.: 29.0 lbs 13.2 kg

• 950, EN60950/VDE 0805, EN61000-1, -2, -3, -4, TUV-GS Mark, VCCI, EN 55022 Class B (CISPR B), VFG 243 B (VDE Class B), DHHS, ZHI/618, CE Mark, EPA ENERGY STAR®, CB Report Available, MPR-II (Electromagnetic Compliance Only), Full MPR-II Optional, ISO 9241.3

Compatibility of the ADDS 4000/260

compatible with SCO®, UNIX® V.4, XENIX, PICK®, Multiuser DOS and many other operating environments. The 4000/160 and 4000/260 emulation set includes Wyse WY-60, WY-50/50+, DEC VT-320, VT-220 and VT-100, ADDS Viewpoint® and PCTerm. The 4000/260 also has advanced data access, data manipulation and display features, including cut-and-paste, WordPerfect® graphics support and dual-host/session capability.

Video Modes - ADDS 4000/260 Terminals

• The 4000/160 and 4000/260 feature selectable refresh rates up to 100Hz for clear, flicker-free viewing and an ISO 9241.3-compliant mode to reduce operator eyestrain. Bezel-to-bezel overscan is also available in up to 82Hz.

• ADDS 4000/260: Superior SCO Console Implementation

• As an SCO developer partner, you can count on the ADDS 4000/260 to function properly in the SCO operating environment. The 4000/260 features 10 pages of memory and function-key programming for each MScreen session.

Save Money Today and Tomorrow with the ADDS 4000/260

The 4000/260 was designed to deliver the lowest cost of ownership in their class:

• EPA ENERGY STAR®- compliant power management feature conserves power

• High reliability virtually eliminates downtime

• User-friendly features increase operator efficiency and productivity

ADDS 4000/260 Ethernet Connectivity

Questions about the ADDS 4000/260 General Purpose Terminal?

We can help. For more information about the ADDS 4000/260 General Purpose Terminal, or any of our products and services, call us at 1.888.677.1033 or email us.
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