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JETSTAR's refurbished equipment is stringently tested for quality assurance. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Every refurbished terminal carries JETSTAR's standard one year warranty.

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Wyse 60?

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$295 NO Keyboard

Please Note: Tube colors limited

3 Month Warranty

Wyse 60
General Purpose Terminal

Ships in 7-10 Days

Wyse 60

Features & Specifications »
Wyse 60 General Purpose Terminal

WYSE 60 Personalities
ASCII:Wyse WY-60,WY-50/WY-50+, ADDS Viewpoint A2/60,
Televideo, TVI-910+/920/925/950/955,
Hazeltine 1500, Lear Siegler ADM 3A/5/31, IBM 3101 1X/2X, IBM 3161,
ANSI: WY-75 mode , DEC VT-100/52, Data General D200/210, PC Terminal, Wyse 60

Display Features of the Wyse 60

Colors: Paper-white (P-188), amber (P-134), or green (P-31) phosphors

Monitor: 14-inch diagonal, flat screen, non-glar CRT
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz refresh

Adjustments: Tilt -7 to +34 degrees and 360 degree swivel
Character cell:10X16 (80 columns); 9X16 (132 columns)
Format:26/44 lines by 80/132 columns, up to seven pages
Option: Height-adjustable arm

Wyse 60 Keyboards
Detached keyboard with 4-wire coiled cable
6-feet extended length
Two-position tile
DIN compliant
Full touch keys
Approximately 350 nonvolatile bytes available
64 non-volatile bytes maximum per key

WY-60 Communications:
Modes:Full/half duplex, block, and monitor (debug)
Modem and Aux: EIA RS-232 serial, DB-25 connector; up to 38.4 Kbaud
Printer: RS-232 serial, DB-25 connector, up to 19.2 Kbaud

WYSE 60 Shipping Weight:
Terminal and Keyboard: 20lbs (9.8kg)
Wyse 60 Power 120 VAC+- 10%, 47-63 Hz
240 VAC+- 10%, 47-63 Hz
Regulatory Compliance of Wyse 60 Terminals Safety: UL 478 and CSA 220 approved;
TÜV-GS approved (selected models)
RF Interference: FCC Class A Complies with EPA Energy Star guidelines

Wyse 60 Key Features:
•Best Selling general purpose terminal
•ASCII/ANSI/PCTerm Terminal
• Choice of keyboards ASCII/ANSI/Enhanced PC keyboard (EPC)
•High resolution character mode with 44/132 display format
•Ergonomic Design with optional height-adjustable arm

Questions about the Wyse 60 General Purpose Terminal?

We can help. For more information about the Wyse 60 General Purpose Terminal, or any of our products and services, call us at 1.888.677.1033 or email us.

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