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JETSTAR's refurbished equipment is stringently tested for quality assurance. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Every refurbished terminal carries JETSTAR's standard one year warranty.

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Refurbished ADDS 4000/260 LFC with Power Pack

*Front plastic bezels may not be available

3 month Warranty

ADDS 4000/260 LFC
Color Terminal

Refurbished $325

Mfg Part # 2225-7001-7100

$169 REPAIR!

Service Department:

Small Size » Big Flexibility

  The 260 LFC's compact design makes it ideal for transaction environments like retail counters, bank teller windows, hotel and rental car counters. The LFC also offers additional serial and parallel communication ports to support printers, cash drawers, customer display poles, and more. An industry standard mini-DIN keyboard inter-face supports wedge-type input devices such as bar code scanners and magnetic stripe readers. And the LFC can be used with any size VGA color monitor - even a flat screen monitor - making the ADDS 4000/260 LFC truly adaptable to any space/size requirements.

Features & Specifications »
ADDS 260 LFC Color Terminal

Display Features of the ADDS 260 LFC:

  • Flicker-free 70Hz refresh rate
  • 26, 44 or 49 lines with top and/or bottom status lines
  • 80 or 132 columns
  • 10 pages of memory
  • 2 pages of display, full or split screen viewing
  • Selectable scrolling region
  • Variable-speed smooth scrool
  • Double high, double wide characters
  • Selectable screen saver
  • Programmable tab stops


  • SCO, UNIX V.4, XENIX, PICK, Multi-user DOS and many other operating systems
  • Most PC extender products

LFC Communications:

  • Full/Half Duplex, local, block, and monitor modes of operation

Serial Host Port

  • RS-232C main host
  • DTE, DB 25 Female or RJ-45 female
  • up to 115.2k baud

Serial Auxilary Port

  • RS-232C second host/serial port
  • DCE, RJ-45 female
  • Up to 38.4k baud

Parallel Printer Port

  • Parallel Printer/cash drawer/parallel output device
  • IBM PC and Centronic Compatable


  • RS-422, current loop
  • Monochrome to color upgrade kit
  • Ethernet (TCP/IP) Interface Adapter-10BaseT

4000/260 LFC Dual Host Support

  • Simultaneous connection and operation with two hosts
  • Flexible display formats
  • "Hot Key" to alternate between hosts
  • Printer port support for both hosts
  • IBM PC Character set includes standard ASCII, line drawing, national symbols, and special graphics symbols

ADDS 4000/260 LFC Terminal Emulations

  • ADDS viewpoint
  • DEC VT-320, VT-220, VT-100
  • Wyse 60, Wyse 50, Wyse 50+
  • TVI 925
  • SCO Console
  • PC Term (925 PC)
  • AT 386 (UNIX Console)

ADDS 4000/260 LFC Desk Accessories:

  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Clock
  • ASCII Chart


  • Voltage: auto-sensing, wide input, 90/265 VAC, 47-63 hz
  • EPA Energy Star "Sleep Mode" (monitor dependent)

Physical Characteristics of the ADDS 4000/260 Little Foot Color:

  • Length: 9.75", 24.8 cm
  • Width: 8.87", 22.5 cm
  • Height: 1.26", 3.2 cm
  • Shipping Weight: 8.0 lbs., 3.6 kg

Call a JETSTAR, Inc. Sales rep today at 1-888-677-1030 to see if the ADDS 4000/260 LFC is the right fit for your company's needs.

Need your ADDS 260 LFC terminal repaired? We offer flat rate LFC repair for $99. Fill out a Repair Form to send it in today.
Repairs take 5-7 days once the terminal is received in our warehouse and come with a one year warranty.

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